Keeping our Money in Our Community Longer

What is BLKCoin?

BLKCoin is a digital currency (crypto currency) that allows holders to complete transactions using artificial intelligence instead of trusting third parties like banks or other financial institutions to ensure the transaction.

Using artificial intelligence reduces the risk of fraud, failed transactions and also cuts the cost of fees that banks and other financial institutions would regularly charge.

What makes a Crypto Worth Investing In?

  1. How many people have it
  2. A limited Supply
  3. How many places it can be used
  4. How many people use it

How We Plan to Build its Value

A Web site plugin to allow retailers and other businesses to accept BLKCoin on their dedicated website/store.

An online marketplace that allows retailers and brands to offer their products for sale to a broader audience. Products from many different categories and stores are offered on this platform.

A social media platform in which users can freely speak their mind through videos and pictures without the fear of being banned or blocked.

Where are the Raised Funds Going?

The raised funds will be used to produce the Crypto2Cash Plugin, build the Lunchroom Social Media App for Android and IOS along with the final developments to BLKWGN Marketplace. 

By launching these platforms we create spaces in which BLKCoin can be used for transactions ultimately giving it a boost in its value.

Pre Sale Round

Currently we are in the pre sale round in which we need to fill the liquidity pool with $100,000 with a pay out of 10 million coin so we can have an initial coin offering (ICO) that would be considered successful so that the coin can get published on the main trading platforms to increase our odds of profits. Our Presale round will last 10 months or until the funds are raised.

Investors will receive 100x their contribution in BLKCoin.


Investor A invests $100 USD will receive 10k BLKCoins

Investor B invests $5k USD receives 500k BLKCoins

Investor C invests $10k USD receives 1 Mil BLKCoins


How to invest? To invest or buy coins follow the link here or to buy by check make your check out to BLKWGN Products LLC and mail them to the address below (Please be sure to put BLKCoin in the notes):

19938 Greydale Ave. Detroit Mi 48219

What to learn more or have more questions?

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you shortly with all the information you need