What’s Your Next

It’s more than just words on merch and apparel. Next is a symbol for hope, encouragement and self confidence. Our mission is help keep everyone inspired and motivated on their journey to their next accomplishment no matter how big or how small it may be. We understand that life throws obstacles at us and sometimes the shake our foundation making our journey more difficult. To keep his moral high and fight off depression Robert Jackson the Founder of BLKWGN and NEXT put his dreams on his clothes so he would be forced to never look away. This made it easier for him to keep going and achieve levels of success greater than he lost.

Boost Moral

Fight Depression by having your end goal in front of you. With these next shirts you can customize it to say what ever you need your next to be. This helps fight depression because sometimes we may feel we will never reach our goal but always remember, you’re next!


Awarding others with these customizable Next Shirts is a great option for birthday’s, graduations, promotions, baby showers and more! Gift that hard working student a Next Graduate T-shirt or that new Dad a Next Father Tee.

Build Community

Portions of the proceeds of each sale go towards events to help boost mental health awareness, fund black owned businesses, City Clean Ups and other community events.